When Fallen Feathers receives a Lost Bird or is notified of a lost bird, attempts to locate the owner will be made by posting the found bird(s) in the local newspaper or Craigslist. When those efforts have been exhausted and no reunion occurs, the lost bird(s) and voluntarily surrendered bird(s) may be placed for adoption in accordance with our policy.

Adoption Guidelines

– Birds can live a long time: macaws and cockatoos can live up to 100 years old, even small birds can live up to 20 years. Make sure you have a plan.

– Birds are wild animals at heart and many behaviors cannot be trained out of a bird.

– Birds are very sensitive to change. They can become aggressive; pull feathers out, or excessively scream.

– Birds can be destructive. They can fling food all over, destroy furniture, and bite.

– Research the particular species your plan to adopt.  All bird breeds have different behaviors.  Amazons are notorious talkers, Cockatoos are more social and loving.  African Greys are intelligent and need stimulus.  An open mind and experience with various birds (and their needs and behaviors) may change your decisions about what kind of bird you ultimately bring home.

– Birds require large cages, variety of perches, lots of toys, quality avian veterinarians, and a complex diet.

– Consider volunteering at Fallen Feathers for first hand experience before making any commitments to a bird.

We encourage adopting over purchasing a bird. We do not adopt migratory birds as they are protected and never up for adoption.

Fallen Feathers adoption policy and application