What exactly is a flight suit?

We received lots of questions over the past few weeks about what a flight suit is and why people would use it and we would like to take a moment to educate.

Simply put, flight suits are essentially diapers for pet birds.  They are generally generically sized based on the type of bird and are a way to “contain waste” while being worn.  Typically people use these for pets when they are out so they don’t get their clothing ruined, or at very least pooped on.

Pigeon flight suits are being more popular as pigeons are fairly adaptable and don’t have a sharp beak for biting.  They are friendly and do make a lovely little cooing sound.

You can also get diapers for ducks and geese, if you chose to have them as a pet.

Flight suits and diapers are fine if they are cleaned regularly and the bird’s botton is also properly cleaned after wearing a diaper.  Diapers and Flight suits do not take the responsibility of keeping your bird clean and healthy away – they are actually just as demanding (or should be) as cleaning up after your pet each time they make waste.  After all, you wouldn’t let your young infant human baby sit in their own waste for hours on end – it’s not healthy, it’s uncomfortable for the wearer and it’s just plain gross.  The same logic applies for your pet.

IMG_20180914_160713610Buttercup showing off her Teal Roses diaper custom made by Sew Sammi

There are also advantages to having a flight suit or diaper.  Most allow you to clip on a leash so it’s also safer for your pet if you like to take them out of the house.  You could also attach an identification tag, if you so choose (as I do with my duck and geese, but may not be safe for fully flighted birds).  And lastly, there is of course the fashion and costuming.

Best practice if you plan to diaper up your bird is to have them custom made.  It costs a little more, sometimes, but then you know they are going to fit the best and not get caught on anything (again, a big concern if your bird is flighted).

We would like to thank all of you who visited our page(s) in efforts to find Olive/Liberace’s home and I hope this answers most of your questions.  Feel free to ask anything I didn’t answer or provide feedback on a topic you would like to know about.

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