Owners found! Liberace is named Olive and is going home this afternoon.

This message was received via text from the owners of Olive.  We thought that since Olive has received such overwhelming support this past week, that it was worth sharing:

While our family loves all of our pets,
Olive our Pidgeon is the most independent & easiest pet to care for and we care for and love four rescue dogs, one rescue cat and more…

— she goes back and forth room to room –
to hang out with…mom and dad or their son and his dad or the son with friends or even our black cat Pearl

She loves car rides attentively looking out the front windshield from mom’s shoulder or arm or perched on the front passenger seat (and yes we are working on a seat belt for her)

OLIVE LOVES BLING just like her mother does
— Olive took off the bow tie and handkerchief on her flight suit diaper the first day she wore it… so mama replaced them with Swarovski crystals.
— Olive has been gently repeatly reprimanded for knocking off every displayed silver-blinged shoes which we previously thought she did to wear them… well we now know better…
— We have yet to find where she is making a nest or a nest egg or both… given all the items that have gone missing…
— Most recently mom bought a pair of silver and gold earrings and Olive took and hid one earring from each pair.

Olive plays with family members individually as they can recognize different human faces
— finger boxes with mom
— bows for dad to pet her
— turns her cheek for our 10 year old son to kiss her

Olive flies on to shoulders of known family / friends / and visitors

Olive sleeps on one leg on your leg / cooing when you disturb her then goes to pillow or door ledge

She jumps in sink when doing dishes thinks it’s bath or play time

She playfully flies around & around four small dogs as they bark and jump…
then lands on a safe ledge above the dogs…
and looks down upon them

We were all deeply saddened with the thought of never seeing Olive again… and my husband the poet was devastated. His healing started with a poem he wrote after she did not return in two days.

Olive left at 7:17am on 11/7 and she was found 11/11… which in itself is poetic… for OLIVE had this planned all along … and we now know why she repeatedly knocked over the silver blinged shoes…

We now believe she was trying on her “ruby red slippers” (Dorothy’s slippers were originally silver not ruby red) so she could put them on after she had temporarily and innocently ‘flown the coop’ with her God given wings, to then, when the time was right, click her heels three times while repeating “Their is no place like home… Their is no place like home… Their is no place like home.”

P.S. Marlette is bringing the “Ruby Red Slippers” so that Olive may make her trip back home… back to ‘Kansas’…

God gave my child the wings to fly
By Norman

Up and up and around so high
Into the clouds, the deep blue sky
I was told you left our nest, yes
My child left without a goodbye

My throat closed, heart dropped, I confess
Dark the sense of loss I possess
I taught you love, not of danger
Life’s on hold, a long blue recess

You know not the evil stranger
Whose heart heinous thoughts do harbor
Prayers for your safety as I cry
Dreams of your return I conjure

Dare I move on, how do I try
Still I see you, my soul will sigh
Seek your heart’s song, do not deny
God gave my child the wings to fly

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