Donations ensure that Fallen Feathers can continue to work at full capacity for the wild and exotic birds in the Peoria/Phoenix Metro Area.  While Fallen Feathers is licensed by Arizona Game and Fish and US Fish and Wildlife, these organizations do not provide any financial support.

Donations of any kind are fully appreciated.

Special Thanks to:

Local Business Support:

Dr. Hillary G. Frank, DVM, DIP. ABVP (Avian) at North Central Animal Hospital provides medical care to our most severely injured birds. We are fortunate to have Dr. Frank’s generous donation of her time, expertise, and services for our severely injured birds.

Home Depot (Lake Pleasant Parkway)

Wildlife World Zoo AAZK society

Support Services:

The following companies provide invaluable services to Fallen Feathers.   Cheswick Photography 602.493.1833   Creations by JT Toys for the Big Birds 623.341.3375

Additional Support Funds Provided by:

Fallen Feathers is able to receive funds thru the Combined Federal Campaign.

– American Express Employees and Company Match Program.

– Check with your employer to see if this option is available to you.

There are several programs that allow a portion of the sales to be donated to your charity of choice. We hope you will consider supporting us thru your normal shopping habits.

Please contact us regarding corporate sponsorship.

Considering Donating?

Cash Donations and Securities:

Cash donations are important to help us to support our bird population and meet our organization’s mission. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your cash donation is tax deductible to the extent of the law. Clicking the donation button at the top you can make donations today. This donation allows us to provided the following items and services for our rescued wild and exotic birds:

– Capture and Rescue

– Rehabilitation

– Education

– Supplies

– Food

Supply Donations:

Supply donations are always appreciated. We can use the following items:

– Tool Chests

– Cleaning Supplies

– Lumber

– Power Tools

– Aquariums (Small and Medium)

– Aquarium Lids (Reptile)

– Pet Carriers (Hard or Soft) (Medium or Large)

– Large (Macaw) Aviaries

– Puppy or Kitten Chow

– Gift Cards to Pet Stores, Stock Shops or Lumber Yards

– Dry Baby Cereal

– Trash Bags/Ziploc Bags

– Seed, Fruit, and Nuts

– Shade Cloths

– Paper Towels

– Printer/Copier

– Ceramic Pet Dishes or Glass Ash Trays

– Land

– RV or Van

– Barn